Attorney Josh Humbrecht Featured in Leading Lawyers Magazine

Attorney Josh Humbrecht Featured in Leading Lawyers Magazine

Partner Josh Humbrecht was recently featured in Leading Lawyers magazine as an Emerging Lawyer. As the youngest of four siblings, Josh Humbrecht had to learn how to defend himself early in life. Josh is quoted in the article as saying that he loves the plaintiff’s side of personal injury, as it is a “David and Goliath-esque situation” and that he loves the underdog story and being able to help people “put their life back on track.”

Mr. Humbrecht had a grandfather who was an attorney, and he found law journal articles published by the University of Illinois that were authored by his grandfather. Humbrecht was surprised to find these articles in the Hassakis law office, where he took a job straight out of law school. With Mark Hassakis being named as the president of the Illinois State Bar Association one year after Mr. Humbrecht joined the firm, this solidified his feeling that the partnership seemed like fate.

The feature article in Emerging Lawyers Magazine also quotes a former client for Josh’s down-to-earth style. He does not talk to clients “like a lawyer,” but instead explains things in lay terms. The former client referred to in the article also mentioned Humbrecht’s willingness to reach out to her with updates about her case and his ability to take “all of the stress away” from her. The client mentioned that “God is good, and he sends you what you can handle.” Josh’s former client also noted that he was “going to go far with his career because he’s just that kind of a good human being.” Given that Josh was nominated in 8th grade as the student in his class who was most likely to one day become an attorney, he is thankful to be in the position he has, where he can help to offset the harm that has been caused to an individual that was wronged by an another person’s negligence.

Mark Hassakis, who was mentored by his father well after the firm was established in 1950, is also quoted in the article for paying tribute to Josh’s high level of professionalism and his “passion for the client . . . whether it’s a big case or a small case.” The article mentions that Mark, who has been practicing law for over 40 years, is excited that the law firm is continuing to grow, and Josh has “been just wonderful to watch.”

The full article can be found here.