Nobody Likes Trial Lawyers (Until They Need One)

Nobody Likes Trial Lawyers (Until They Need One)

Nobody likes trial lawyers until they need one. Then, we become weapons. Business people sometimes joke with each other, saying, “My lawyer can beat your lawyer.” It might be funny but it’s no joke. In the general public’s view, we are the weapons of the ruling class. Weapons with which to devastate anyone- or anything – blocking the path to domination. But nothing could be further from the truth. Weapons we may be, but weapons with highly effective safeties; the safety mechanisms of the bar, the cannons of ethics, and above all, our own sense of justice and honor. Weapons indeed, not assault weapons, but rather a sword and shield – a shield to defend the victimized.

These are not empty words. You know, nobody likes trial lawyers. Nor anybody who addicts children to tobacco. Or one who put lead in paint, or who pumps mercury into ground water, or who sell improperly tested pharmaceuticals. Nobody likes ones who ignore worker safety in factories, or who manufacture a faulty airbag knowing it’s dangerous, or who put asbestos into the environment. Just like nobody likes those who produce contaminated food; or pedal lethal baby cribs or toys.

The average person has never needed a trial lawyer. Generally, the people just don’t know what we do. A number of groups paint and tarnish us as ones who impede personal freedom, fabricate problems that don’t exist, and enrich the undeserving.   Others may view us as only manipulating the system for our clients. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We are the true CHAMPIONS to defend the meek, the poor, the powerless, and the victimized. We protect those who are oppressed unfairly so.

It’s a fact – nobody likes trial lawyers until they need one. Nobody likes trial lawyers until they are the ones who have been injured, hurt, taken advantage of, or been threatened by those in power. We are protectors of the downtrodden, the meek, and those without any or limited means. We are protectors of those not knowing what to do or how to do it. We are protectors of those who are afraid and fearful.

But still know that we put on our pants and shirts just like everyone else. WE work hard and follow the rules. We oftentimes risk years of labor and substantial monies on behalf of our clients without any assurance of recovery. Those very clients are often ridiculed, and most often forgotten.  We believe in equal justice for all as promised by our Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and the core promises that everyone is created equal with rights to life and liberty, and which cannot be ignored or taken away.

Nobody likes trial lawyers! But everyone well should! You just don’t know when you’ll need one…

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