Hassakis & Hassakis, P.C. Consulted National Meningitis Experts in Recently Settled Case

Nov. 7, 2012

As of today, the fungal meningitis outbreak that spread across the United States affecting 419 citizens across 19 states has killed at least 30 people. At about the time that this outbreak started making national news, Hassakis & Hassakis, P.C. was concluding its representation in a case involving the negligent infliction of bacterial meningitis.

During our recent meningitis representation of this client, the attorneys at Hassakis & Hassakis, P.C. worked and developed the medical causation and diagnosis necessary to proceed.  The nation’s best experts in radiology and testing expertise as well in infectious diseases were consulted.

Solid experts are critical for any meningitis case both to prove that an individual contracted meningitis in the first place and not some different diagnosis, but also to confirm the source of the infection. Remember, our attorneys were speaking with these meningitis experts long before any fungal meningitis headlines hit the papers and newsrooms.

Not only does Hassakis & Hassakis, P.C. have the requisite knowledge and skill set to handle meningitis cases, but allso the experience in litigation and in serving clients as we being our 63rd yaer of practice.

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