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A car accident happens in a split second, but damages can have lasting effects. In addition to physical suffering, victims also have to deal with the medical and financial issues that can arise from a devastating wreck. Damaged vehicles have to be repaired or replaced, pain can result in the need to have expensive medication, and medical bills can add up to insurmountable amounts, and this is all before considering the finances lost because of work missed due to an accident. This financial stress can leave a lot of people in dire straits.

Choosing a firm such as ours to aggressively investigate and represent you may be the only way to protect your rights and curb the lingering effects of a car or truck accident. At the Mount Vernon law firm of Hassakis & Hassakis, P.C., we have been representing car accident victims in Southern Illinois since 1950. We can and will help you through this stressful time.

Your Southern Illinois Law Firm

Our attorneys are from Illinois, so we understand our Southern Illinois clients. For 60+ years we have been assisting the folks of this area with their legal claims. We are here to provide the counsel and encouragement you need, as well as the legal skills to ensure that you get back on your feet after a car or truck accident.
When you work us, you get a law firm that emphasizes:

  • Experience: Our law firm has been around since 1950, and partner Mark D. Hassakis has been involved in litigation around the country.
  • Resourcefulness: We have the connections and resources, including medical professionals and automotive experts, to help build a strong case for you in court.
  • A Client-Centered Approach: We focus on the lawyer-client relationship as much as the legal and medical issues.

Time is a crucial element in car and truck collision cases. The law limits the time you have left to file a claim, and getting a lawyer on the case as soon as possible helps ensure that the evidence is collected and preserved, and witnesses remain available. Contact our Lawyers today to see that your rights are preserved.