At Hassakis & Hassakis, our Attorney-Client Creed is based on the principles of responsibility, openness, personalized service & results.
At Hassakis & Hassakis, our Attorney-Client Creed is based on the principles of responsibility, openness, personalized service & results.

We continually strive to get to know you as a client, including your true needs, goals and obstacles you are now encountering with your matter and life.  That’s why most all of our meetings will be in person, face-to-face, client and lawyer (and with the same experienced attorney each time), as well as any other family members or advisers you rely upon.  Our goal is to fully understand you, your needs and your case.


We will always be direct and open with you, continually copying you on all aspects of your case.  Occasionally, clients say that they want directness, but when we fully and openly address all the true issues of a case, our clients can sometimes feel overwhelmed and get despondent.  This is when we make all attempts to stress again the positives and remind our clients that their cases are a “process”, with ups and downs, and we make every attempt to again stress the positives and end all sessions in an upbeat way.  We point out the forward progress and also the steps that lie ahead.

Listen, Listen, Listen

We strive to be good and better listeners.  We often wish to address our key issues first and to be certain we not miss the important points for the meeting, sharing copies of documents with you so we don’t forget, and most often scheduling our next appointment.  But we never want to end the appointment without also covering your list of items or discussing virtually anything of importance to you.

Goals/Basis/Rationale and Alternatives

We want you to always know why we are proceeding in a certain way.  We will oftentimes also let you know the alternatives available to you and the reasons why we are suggesting a certain course of action.  We absolutely insist that at any time you have questions or desire further explanation, that you let us know.  Our goal is to always explore all the best options for you and to then set about reaching your goals in the most timely and expedient manner possible.  We trust that clients will also take note of the time frames required for the conclusion of medical recoveries as well as the realities of certain legal matters that occasionally have a life of their own.


We believe that your selection of an attorney is one of your most important decisions when it comes to injury cases.  And we insist that most all meetings be face-to-face.  In that way we just know we each can best fully understand one another and leave nothing for conjecture.  We still believe in utilizing all that technology can deliver and we in fact welcome emails, but there is just no substitute to the value of in person discussions.  Never let any lawyer or law firm undertake your case representation remotely without regularly seeing and reviewing all matters with you in person.


And lastly, we deeply appreciate the opportunity to represent our clients each day.  It’s a privilege to be a trial lawyer representing those who have been wronged.  And we never lose sight of the faith you place in us as your representatives in critical matters of deep concern to you.  Never hesitate to be open and forthright with us on your legal journey. Such insights are invaluable in our representing you.

Thank you again for the privilege.

Down to earth, knowledgeable, handled my legal issue in a timely fashion. 😎

- William Rauen

I was referred to Hassakis & Hassakis by a past client and was assured I would be treated right. From day one all of their staff were extremely prof …

- jose delgado

I would like to say that Shane Carnine has been the best lawyer that I've had the pleasure to deal with. Shane always returned any phone call or ema …

- Matt Canon

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