Editorial Guidelines

With more than 70 years in business, Hassakis & Hassakis is a trusted member of the Illinois community.

Editorial Guidelines

We adhere to strict editorial guidelines to ensure the highest quality and integrity of our content. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every article we publish. Our articles are written and reviewed by our team of experienced attorneys who specialize in personal injury law. With years of experience, our team brings a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of the legal landscape to every piece of content we produce.

Founding partner Mark D. Hassakis maintains editorial control of the content published on our website. He and the rest of the team ensure that the website operates entirely independent of outside influences. We do not accept money for advertising or for any other content, as an example. We may review information and relevant articles provided by outside sources, but we publish only original content.

Website’s Purpose

Hassakis & Hassakis wants to provide readers with essential, accurate information. This information is vital for readers, providing an understanding of personal injury law and in making decisions about who to hire after they have been injured. Our personal injury lawyers are experts in their field, and our team cites only trustworthy sources of information which readers may see linked to within the content.

Editorial Process

Hassakis & Hassakis is backed by a dedicated team of writers and editors committed to producing well-researched, factually accurate, and reader-friendly content. Our meticulous content development process include:

  • Comprehensive research from legal journals, government publications, and news outlets.
  • Drafting and editing by our experienced writers ensuring clarity and simplicity.
  • Rigorous fact-checking by our internal editorial team.
  • Review by our legal teams to ascertain and ensure accuracy.
  • A final review by Mark D. Hassakis as necessary for consistency.

Continuous Improvement – Content Review, Updating, and Removal

The legal landscape is constantly evolving, and so is our content. Maintaining the accuracy and relevance of our legal content is a continuous effort. When content becomes outdated or incorrect, our team takes necessary action:

  • Rewrite: If necessary, a total revamp of the content, putting it through our editorial process listed above.
  • Update: Immediate corrections or additions as required.
  • Removal: Some content may be removed if it no longer aligns with our objectives or our editorial approach or benchmarks.

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Clarity and Accessibility

Legal topics can be complex and difficult to fully understand. There is no room in the law for misinformation or intentional inaccuracies, and there is no room on this website for content that has not been affirmed by our legal experts. We are committed to breaking down the complexities of personal injury law and presenting information in a clear and accessible manner. Our priority is making legal concepts understandable to everyone.

Confidentiality and Sensitivity

We understand the sensitive nature of personal injury cases and are dedicated to respecting your privacy and confidentiality. Our content adheres to all ethical standards and guidelines, ensuring that no confidential or sensitive information is ever disclosed.

Authenticity and Fairness

Our law firm has grown because of putting clients’ needs first. Our personal injury attorneys are fearless litigators for every client. Through this expertise and personal commitment to every client’s case, our attorneys are often asked to share their expert opinions and our website and content reflects this approach. Our articles are written fairly without bias, and we make every effort to cover all relevant perspectives on a given issue. We believe in providing balanced content that gives our readers the freedom to form their own opinions.

Information Security

We maintain administrative, technical, and physical safeguards for the website designed to protect against loss, misuse, or unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction of any personal information. The use of the internet creates inherent information security risks, and we are not able to guarantee the security of our site.


Hassakis & Hassakis wants to correct any errors or omissions in a timely manner. If you see a mistake anywhere on the site, please contact us right away.

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