7 Facts to Know about Medical Malpractice (Pt. 3)

7 Facts to Know about Medical Malpractice (Pt. 3)


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Here is the conclusion to our three-part blog 7 Facts to Know about Medical Malpractice.

The most important fact to know about malpractice is that, when such negligence occurs, you can turn to the attorneys at the Law Firm of Hassakis & Hassakis, P.C.
The most important fact to know about malpractice is that, when such negligence occurs, you can turn to the attorneys at the Law Firm of Hassakis & Hassakis, P.C.

Malpractice Fact 5 – There is a time limit for filing medical malpractice cases. 

The time limit for filing medical malpractice cases is known as the statute of limitations for these cases, and these statutes of limitations vary from state to state. In Illinois, the statute of limitations for filing medical malpractice claims is two years. In other words, people who have been injured as a result of medical negligence will have two years from the date of the malpractice incident or two years from when they became aware of their injuries to file their claims (whichever applies to their case).

If people try to file malpractice claims after the statute of limitations has expired, they will likely be out of luck and can lose their rights to compensation for their injuries and losses. This means that it’s crucial that, as soon as you suspect that you’ve been the victim of medical malpractice, you consult with an experienced attorney who can help you get your case started and get you on the path to getting the compensation to which you are likely entitled.

Malpractice Fact 6 – Many people with valid malpractice cases are simply too afraid to seek the compensation they deserve.

Despite the fact that so many people are affected by medical malpractice, few actually pursue legal action because they have been misinformed about their rights and the costs of litigation. While malpractice cases can be costly and complicated, it’s vital for people affected by medical negligence to know that:

  • The negligent medical professional and/or facility that employs that professional may end up being responsible for covering the costs of litigation.
  • Pursuing a malpractice lawsuit can be the best way to obtain the full amount of compensation to which injured people are entitled.
  • Legal action can also be critical to preventing medical professionals from hurting other people with malpractice in the future.

If you are concerned about pursuing a malpractice case or have other fears or anxieties regarding taking legal action, be sure to talk to seasoned lawyer who can answer your questions and may end up making you feel more comfortable about filing a case to obtain the compensation and justice you deserve.

Malpractice Fact 7 – Hassakis & Hassakis has a record of success when it comes to resolving malpractice cases.

The single most important fact to remember when it comes to malpractice is that, when such negligence has negatively impacted your health or the health of your loved one, you can count on the attorneys at the Law Firm of Hassakis & Hassakis, P.C. to build you the strongest possible case, hold the negligent parties accountable and ultimately help you secure the compensation you deserve.

Mount Vernon Medical Malpractice Lawyers at the Law Firm of Hassakis & Hassakis, P.C.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to medical malpractice or negligence, it’s time to contact the Mount Vernon medical malpractice lawyers at the law firm of Hassakis & Hassakis, P.C. Since 1950, our experienced and trusted attorneys have been providing our Southern Illinois clients with the highest quality legal services for their malpractice and personal injury cases. In addition to focusing on our clients’ needs, we will always do everything we can to help them get the maximum possible compensation for their losses and injuries so they can focus on their recovery and future.

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