Overloaded Trucks and Truck Accidents

Overloaded Trucks and Truck Accidents


Posted September 3, 2013 by admin

Overloaded trucks can significantly increase the risk of truck accidents, as they can impair a truck drivers’ ability to steer and/or stop these heavy vehicles.
Overloaded trucks can significantly increase the risk of truck accidents, as they can impair a truck drivers’ ability to steer and/or stop these heavy vehicles.

Although trucks are designed and intended to haul heavy loads long distances, there is a maximum weight that they can carry, and many states have enacted laws to ensure that trucks do not carry more than this maximum weight when traveling on the state’s roadways. In Illinois, as in many other states, the weight restrictions for commercial trucks vary according to the number of axles the trucks have, with the largest trucks legally not permitted to exceed a weight of 80,000 pounds. While it’s crucial that truck drivers and trucking companies abide by these weight restrictions and do not overload their trucks in order to avoid getting penalized, compliance with these weight restrictions is also essential to reducing the risk of serious truck accidents.

Some of the ways in which overloaded trucks can increase the risk of serious truck accidents include by:

  • Making it significantly more difficult for truck drivers to steer trucks, as the bulk of the truck’s weight is shifted to the rear of the vehicle
  • Increasing the time it takes to stop trucks (especially if trucks are traveling downhill), which can be particularly dangerous when truck drivers need to suddenly step on the brakes to avoid a collision
  • Increasing the risk of vehicle equipment malfunctions, as many pieces of trucks’ equipment are not designed to be able to support such excessive weight (For example, tire blowouts are more likely to occur with overloaded trucks)
  • Increasing the risk of road collapse, especially in cases when overloaded trucks are traveling on highway overpasses or bridges
  • Increasing the risk of a truck rollover accident, as overloaded trucks tend to have a higher center of gravity than trucks that are properly loaded.

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