Senior Alert: Watch Where you Walk – Pedestrian Fatalities on the Rise

Senior Alert: Watch Where you Walk – Pedestrian Fatalities on the Rise

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Posted June 30, 2016 by admin

Watch Where You Walk: Pedestrian Fatalities on the Rise
Watch Where You Walk: Pedestrian Fatalities on the Rise

Pedestrian deaths surged by 10 percent in 2015, according to estimates based on state traffic data. That is of special concern to older walkers: the death rate for those ages 70 and older is 1 ½ times the rate for younger pedestrians, previous studies have found. Part of that has to do with fragility because seniors are more likely than younger people to be seriously injured or harmed.

Researchers blame the increase in part on lower gas prices, which put more cars on the road, and on the growing use of cell phones, which distracts walkers.

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