The Facts Behind 4 Common Myths about Personal Injury Cases

The Facts Behind 4 Common Myths about Personal Injury Cases

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Posted September 20, 2015 by admin

When negligence harms you, don’t believe these personal injury myths, a Mount Vernon personal injury lawyer explains. Here’s why.
When negligence harms you, don’t believe these personal injury myths, a Mount Vernon personal injury lawyer explains. Here’s why.

Getting hurt by another party’s negligence can be as disorienting as it may be devastating.

As injured people start to get on the path to healing and recovery, however, believing certain myths about personal injury cases can harm them further, as it could cost them precious compensation to which they otherwise would have been entitled.

Given our commitment to helping injured people protect their rights and interests, below, we will present a few of the more important facts prospective plaintiffs should know when it comes to personal injury cases.

Injured People Shouldn’t Believe these Personal Injury Myths

Myth #1: The other party was negligent so I’m guaranteed compensation from my personal injury case.

Fact: There are no guarantees in personal injury cases, unfortunately. So, even though you may know for certain that another party was negligent and responsible for your accident and injuries, it’s important that you have an experienced lawyer on your side to help you prove this liability so that you are able to secure the compensation you deserve.

Myth #2: There’s no rush to file my case. I can file whenever I’m ready.

Fact: This isn’t necessarily true because the law provides strict times limits – i.e., statutes of limitation – within which personal injury cases have to be filed.

In Illinois, this is two years, meaning that injured people have two years from the date of their accident (or from the date of realizing they were injured) to file their cases.

Trying to file after this time frame has expired will generally result in a dismissal of a claim and, in turn, the loss of the opportunity to secure compensation from the liable parties.

Myth #3: I can rely on the insurance company to protect my interests.

Fact: This is a dangerous misconception about personal injury cases because insurance providers are usually NOT on injured people’s sides. Instead, insurers are usually out to protect themselves and their profits. This can end up meaning that injured people:

  • Have to be careful when dealing with insurers, as what people say (or do) could be used against them later to try to reduce or deny their claim
  • May have to fight insurers to get the full amount of compensation to which they are entitled.

Myth #4: Retaining a lawyer won’t make a difference in my personal injury case.

Fact: This can be one of the more costly personal injury myths to believe because it can misguide people into trying to take on their case alone, possibly compromising their rights and interests in doing so.

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