Foot & Toe Injuries

43 year-old man fell from scaffolding at work injuring both feet. His physician diagnosed a right foot calcaneal fracture, posttraumatic arthritis of the right subtalar joint and a left second metatarsal fracture. These injuries kept him off work for 28 weeks, and during this time, he received temporary total disability benefits in the amount of $362.75 per week. His employer disputed the nature and extent of his injuries, whether the fall caused his injuries, his average weekly wage, his temporary total disability, and even responsibility for his medical expenses. Our firm settled his case for $88,076.45 accounting for 40% permanent partial disability to his body, 35 weeks of disputed temporary total disability, and $35,000.00 for future medical expenses. – BD.

23 year old male injured when struck by a cable at work. The petitioner was injured when a steel cable discharged at a high speed, came through his jeans and leather boots, striking and entering his left foot and ankle. The initial offer of the company was for only 15% permanent partial disability of his left foot. However, our firm secured an award representing 35.5% permanent partial disability of his left foot, or $19,420, an amount more than double the initial offer. – DW.

A 56-year-old man was injured during the course of work when he fell and sustained injuries to his right foot, ankle, leg and other body parts. He was placed in a tibial cast brace with crutches and taken off work by his physician. Due to the extent of his injuries he was off work for approximately four months and underwent physical therapy. We settled his case for $22,816.60 representing 20% permanent partial disability of his right foot, $4,355.78 in unpaid temporary total disability benefits and unpaid medical expenses. – GLP.



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