Leg Injuries

Leg Injuries

42 year old man injured his right knee at work when he tripped and fell trying to step across a steel pipe.  He was initially diagnosed at the ER with a right knee ligament tear and was placed off of work.  He complained of constant throbbing and aching pain and was diagnosed with a medial collateral ligament partial tear.  The doctor’s examination revealed effusion in the right knee, a positive McMurray’s test and an antalgic gait.  He sought a second opinion and that doctor diagnosed a patellofemoral chondral fracture and a breakdown of the meniscus MCL interface.  The doctor performed a right knee arthroscopy with debridement of the patellofemoral joint, the infra patellar fat pad, the plica synovialis, the patella, the trochlea and supra patellar pouch.  He surgically severed and removed loose fragments in the knee and reconstructed the MCL.  During the procedure he noted findings of a meniscal capsular separation that was substantially stretched, the lateral meniscus had fragmentation, the trochlea had a huge central lesion and the patella had central and inferomedial lesions.  The doctor tightened the MCL with a bird beak procedure and removed the lesions, followed by debridement.  After his post-op appointment, our client received an injection into the cutaneous portion of his saphenous nerve at the medial portal.  He was later given another injection and the doctor recommended resecting a troublesome suture as well as excision of a neuroma.  A week later the doctor performed an excision of a deep mass in the posterior right medical knee.  His pre- and post-operative diagnoses were removal of a mass, suture materials and scar tissue.  After more follow-ups, surgery was recommended again.  The doctor performed a surgical procedure in the nature of excision of a deep seroma and a suture granuloma.  Our client suffered a debilitating injury, but did all possible to rehabilitate himself.  This case settled for $56,762.23, representing approximately 30% of the right knee, payment of outstanding medical charges in the amount of $2,113.00, $500.00 for reimbursement of medically-related mileage and contested TTD in the amount of $9,271.42 for a period of 8 4/7 weeks.  We supported our client’s strong desire to return to work in his high pay career and made all efforts to support and enable him to complete all his necessary treatment and rehab, and to successfully re-enter the job market in his chosen career with favorable wages and benefits.

35 year old woman injured her right knee and hip and back at work while trying to replace a bed pad that ripped, causing her to fall over a chair.  She was initially diagnosed with a twisting injury of the lumbrosacral spine with acute myofascial spasms as well as a sublexed right patella.  The same day she visited a different doctor because of a pop she felt in her back while lying in bed.  An MRI revealed bilateral foraminal disc bulges at the L4-5 level with the exiting right L4 nerve root being slightly displaced by the bulge.  She next attended another doctor’s appointment for her knee pain.  She was diagnosed with a strained right knee and a contusion to the right hip.  She was prescribed pain medications and crutches.  Later, a TENS unit was ordered and she received a Cortisone injection.  She underwent an arthroscopic surgery, a synovectomy and a chondroplasty and was prescribed more pain medications.  At her next following doctor visit, he opined that the cause of pain was right sacroilitis and he administered a fluoroscopically guided injection into the right sacroiliac joint to relieve pain.  After another injection and little to no relief, her doctor recommended an IDET procedure.  After being denied such procedure multiple times by the insurance company, the IDET was finally performed bilaterally at the L4-5 level through continual efforts by our office to secure our client’s medical needs.  She ultimately was allowed to resume all activities of daily living but was cautioned to avoid repetitive bending/lifting and to not lift over 50 pounds. This case was settled for $50,000.00 at her modest rate where the insurance company initially only offered 15% of the leg and 3% of the body as a whole to resolve this entire case.  The insurance company was ultimately forced to pay $28,619.77 in permanency; $13,060.23 in medical bills and $8,320.00 in temporary benefits.

27 year old man injured both his legs while attempting to rise from a floor creeper at work, slipping in the process, and causing his right knee to pop.  An MRI showed a possible lateral meniscus right knee tear at the posterior horn.  An arthroscopy of the knee was recommended and performed.  The meniscus showed a 50% root tear (not detached) with a large flipped fragment.  There was also a horizontal cleave tear component on the posterior horn.  The free floating fragment was removed and the undersurface of the tear was smoothed.  The doctor said in her report that there was a significant lateral patella tilt and lateral subluxation of the patella.  This young worker was still having significant pain after his arthroscopy and partial lateral meniscectomy and received a cortisone injection and was prescribed Lortab to dull the pain.  Our client still has pain in both knees but the pain has improved.  This case settled for $15,000.00, representing 22.5% of the right leg and 1.5% of the left leg for overuse, all on a disputed basis, at his moderate rate.  TTD was additionally recovered for 66 4/7 weeks at the appropriate rate.  The ultimate recovery was more than double the company’s intended position for the onset.

40 year old woman injured her left knee when she lost her footing while playing with children at her job at a child center.  Her ultimate diagnosis prior to surgery was a complete tear of her ACL in the proximate portion and a radial tear of the posterior horn of her lateral meniscus.  She underwent an ACL reconstruction and arthroscopic evaluation of her meniscus soon after her diagnosis.  She now still experiences problems at work and at home when walking up and down stairs and when wearing high heels.  This case settled for $27,500.00 representing 25% loss of her left leg and approximately $9,000 for disputed future medical expenses.

47 year old man injured his right knee at work when attempting to step down and off of a reach truck. As he did so, his left leg slid out from under him, striking his right knee against the truck body. When he presented to the emergency room the doctor initially diagnosed him with a sprain/strain. An MRI showed a meniscus injury and a possible ACL injury. A cortisone shot was provided and then a right knee chondroplasty was performed. He continues with knee stiffness and pain but is back to work full-time. This case settled for $12,353.41 representing 17.5% permanent partial disability of the right knee at his modest rate.

58 year old male sustained two injuries while at work.  The first was of his back from hooking up a mower to a tractor.  His doctor recommended physical therapy and prescribed pain medications and he received four epidural steroid injections and two SI joint injections (one on each side).  His second work injury was to his right knee after having to kick loose a three point hitch to unhook it.  His doctor performed a right arthroscopy; posterior horn medial meniscectomy; posterior horn lateral meniscectomy and a chrondroplasty of the patellofemoral and medial joints.  The post-operative diagnoses were degenerative joint disease and medial and lateral meniscal tears.  Our client later underwent a total knee replacement with cemented Triathlon PS Knee System and a posterior capsule release.  The doctor’s post-operative diagnoses were osteoarthritis of the right knee with varus deformity and advanced patellofemoral arthrosis.  This case was settled for $85,052.07 representing 50% of the right knee, or $68,975.23; 5% body as a whole, or $16,040.75; and $36.09 in reimbursable medical.  The employer a first denied that all injuries were work related, insisting instead that the worker’s injuries were degenerative and not related to any work incident.

45 year-old man sustained injuries to his right knee when he was lifting in the course of his employment as a distribution center laborer. An MRI was taken and his doctor diagnosed a complex tear of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus. The doctor recommended and our client completed physical therapy, but his knee did not improve. Thereafter, his doctor recommended surgical treatment and performed a right knee arthroscopy with a resection of the tear of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus and the medial plica and mild chondroplasty of the patella. After his surgery our client underwent additional physical therapy for his knee. He remained off work for 21 1/7 weeks while being paid $466.65 weekly for temporary total disability. Eventually, he returned to work without restrictions despite residual knee pain and swelling. His employer disputed the nature and extent of his injury, past and future medial benefits and temporary total disability. Nevertheless, our firm secured a $22,573.93 settlement, representing 25% permanent partial disability of his right leg. – SS.

50 year-old female assembly line worker was injured at work when she twisted her right knee.A doctor diagnosed her with a right medial meniscus tear and an aggravation of her pre-existing degenerative condition. Her employer disputed not only that any amount of compensation was due her, but also the nature and extent of her injuries and when, if ever, the injury occurred. Our firm settled her case for $28,500.00 representing her temporary total disability benefits during her time off work and permanent partial disability in her right leg. – AC.

45 year-old woman injured her left knee while moving pallets at work. Her MRI revealed a strain of the collateral ligaments in her knee, prepatellar bursitis, changes in the chondromalacia patella and meniscal degeneration. A physician diagnosed her with chondromalacia of the lateral facet of the patella with lateral tracking syndrome and chondromalacia of the medial femoral condyle and parapatellar plica. She underwent an arthroscopic resection of the parapatellar plica, debridement of the medial femoral condyle and an endoscopic lateral release. Her employer disputed whether the injury occurred, contested the amount of temporary total disability benefits due and refused to pay her medical expenses. Our firm secured a settlement for $19,650.00, representing 32.28% in permanent partial disability in her left leg based on a modest permanency rate of $145.55 per week. – MH.

57 year-old male truck driver received crushing injuries when a pile of plywood he was loading onto his truck fell on him. He required 22 stitches on the back of his head and continued to have extreme pain in his left hip and leg, as well as pain in his right hip, leg and groin areas. He returned to work but was unable to complete a full day. This client was referred to a surgeon for further exam and testing, and ultimately a right hip percutaneous pinning, requiring the use of screws, pins and guide wires was performed. Three days after surgery the client was released from the hospital for return to light duty work. The client felt limited in his  walking as work would bring on limping, weakness and soreness in both legs. Approximately 3 ½ months after his release from the hospital, our client was released to full duty, still carrying the scar from the 22 staples used to close his head wound and continued stiffness, pain and weakness in his right hip and buttocks, as well as occasional headaches. The employer paid all the temporary total disability benefits while our client was off work and reasonable and necessary medical expenses. A settlement was negotiated for $61,070.40, representing 40% permanent partial disability in his right leg, 2% of his person, plus payment for any future related and necessary medical expenses.

43-year old male working on drilling rig fell onto motor below. He then underwent surgery to remove hardware from a previous incident involving his leg, as well as a surgical repair  of damage in his left knee from this incident. Two months after his release from treatment he was still receiving skilled nursing in his home for wound care. After the employer would not accept him back for employment, he was forced to take a lesser paying job. In addition he still has trouble walking and standing. The insurance company was originally only willing to settle for 20% permanent partial disability in his right leg, but after several counteroffers, the case was settled for approximately 50% of the right leg equating to $70,881.12.

29 year-old male was injured at work when he slipped and fell, twisting his right leg and knee. A x-ray showed a joint effusion and an MRI indicated an oblique tear on the posterior horn of the medial meniscus and a moderately large right knee effusion. He was ordered to go to physical therapy, however the therapy did not reduce the pain. Thereafter, the doctor suggested and performed a right operative arthroscopy of the knee. Plaintiff still finds daily activities, such as walking up and down stairs, kneeling, bending and squatting, to be difficult and painful. We obtained a tettlement for $17,695.07, representing 33 1/3% permanent partial disability in his right leg.

37 year-old male worker was injured when a tong struck his leg. Medical testing revealed a displaced comminuted fracture of the mid-shaft of the right femur, as well as a right knee and back strain. This injury prevented the employee from returning to work, and left him unable to support his wife and four children. A settlement offer was initially made for $40,000, but declined due to insufficiency of offer. Our firm negotiated an settlement for $61,000.00, representing 60% permanent partial disability in his right leg.

56-year-old male was injured when he slipped and fell while working as a construction laborer. He was lifting an air compressor when he injured his left knee and leg. A left knee excision was ultimately performed of the post traumatic seroma. Our firm settled his case just before trial for $11,709.00, representing 20% permanent partial disability in his left leg along with unpaid temporary total disability benefits and medical benefits. – CE.

49 year-old woman injured her right knee, right leg, and other body parts after a fall at work. Her right knee sustained a patella fracture which thwarted her attempts to return to work for six months later. Our client’s underwent an open reduction, internal fixation and further treatment including knee immobilization and manipulation of the knee to release adhesions. Though her ability to use her knee was restricted, our client was able to return to work. She also received temporary total disability benefits while she was off work. We secured a $40,820.79 settlement, representing 33.3% permanent partial disability in her right leg, $15,010.00 in past and future medical benefits and unpaid temporary total disability benefits. – PW.

66 year-old man trucker was injured when he tripped over rebar sticking out of concrete during the course of work. He suffered a right arm sprain and partial left knee ACL tear. Our client was initially diagnosed with right shoulder tendinitis and a frozen shoulder. An MRI confirmed the ACL tear in his left knee and revealed effusion of the knee, irregularities along the lateral side of the joint and chondromalacia on the femoral side of the patellofemoral joint. After conservative treatment failed, the physician recommended and performed an extensive arthroscopic knee surgery. Our client did continue to experience post-operative pain and was off work for roughly 5 months. The employer failed and refused to pay his medical expenses or the correct amount of temporary total disability benefits. Nevertheless, our firm negotiated a settlement for $48,962.44, representing permanent partial disability in his left knee, unpaid temporary total disability benefits and unpaid medical benefits. – RB.

26 year-old man twisted his left leg and knee while laying pipe during the course of his employment. An MRI revealed a torn ACL and meniscus. Our client underwent a left anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction and during the surgery a graft was attached with screws to hold it in place. He was then prescribed post-operative physical therapy. His surgeon also noted that due to his meniscal tear, he would be highly likely to contract arthritis in the future. During his time off, our client was underpaid temporary total disability benefits by $1,135.23. Our firm secured a settlement of $21,000.00, representing 15% permanent partial disability in his left leg, medically related mileage, temporary total disability underpayments and past and future medical benefits. – DDB.

32 year-old man was injured when a pallet jack ran over his left foot and leg during the course of work. He sustained a lateral meniscus tear and chondromalacian, and for which he underwent surgery. He was paid temporarily totally disability benefits while he was off work for 3 months and later returned to work. Opposing counsel contested the number of weeks he was off work and proposed a 15% permanent partial disability award for his left leg injury. Our firm settled his case for $14,636.13, representing 25% permanent partial disability in his left leg based on his modest earnings rate and his full recovery. – NM.

54 year-old man was injured when he flipped his dump truck while unloading coal during the course of work. He suffered injuries to his back, right knee and right leg. A physician’s opined that our client had lumbar strain and a torn ACL along with injuries to other ligaments in his right leg. He underwent an arthroscopic surgery on his right leg and physical therapy to strengthen and restore his health. We secured a settlement for $28,000.00, representing 32% permanent partial disability in his right leg and 4% of his body, along with unpaid temporary total disability benefits and all medical benefits. Our firm then filed a personal injury case to seek recovery for the negligent maintenance of the drop off area where loads were dumped. After the jury selection was complete but right before opening arguments, a settlement was reached for $15,195.55 in this second suit. – MRW.

63 year-old woman was injured at work when she stepped back onto a jack, causing her to fall and hurt her right knee and left leg. She was diagnosed with a torn medial meniscus and osteoarthritis in her right knee and proceeded to have surgery to correct the damage. Our client received temporary total disability benefits while off work for approximately 6 ½ weeks. Our firm secured a settlement in the amount of $40,000.00, representing 56% permanent partial disability in her right leg and 10% in her left leg, plus payment of all medical expenses and an additional amount of $20,000.00 for future medical expenses. Furthermore, the defendant blamed all her petitioner’s injuries on a prior degenerative knee condition and work with four separate attorneys who represented the respondent. – NSS.

55 year-old woman sustained a medial meniscus tear injury to her left knee when she slipped and fell during the course of her work. Her lower back and left leg were both affected by the fall, and she immediately sought medical attention. An MRI was performed and showed the medial meniscus tear in her left knee. Further X-rays revealed lumbar levoscoliosis with a small disc bulge and a narrowing disc within her back. Our client proceeded to have arthroscopic surgery to repair her medial meniscus tear and a chondroplasty of the medial femoral condyle to remove a small loose body of bone. As a result of this injury, our client was not able to fully return to her normal functional capacity and was placed on permanent work restrictions. Our firm secured a settlement for $38,285.48, representing 50% permanent partial disability in her left leg and 7.5% of her body. – BAA.

32 year-old man was injured during the course of work when he fell on an uneven rocky surface. An MRI was taken and he was initially diagnosed as having a right knee strain/sprain. However, a second opinion diagnosed him with chondromalacia of the right patella. He underwent a right knee arthroscopy with chondroplasty of the trochlea. Our firm secured a settlement for $35,321.16, representing 27.5% permanent partial disability in his right leg as well as temporary total disability benefits, medically related mileage and all medical benefits. – DB.



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