4 Mistakes Motorists Should Avoid Following Auto Accidents

4 Mistakes Motorists Should Avoid Following Auto Accidents


Posted October 15, 2015 by admin

You never expect to get into a traffic accident. But, when one happens, knowing what to do to preserve your rights and interests in a future claim will be crucial. To this end, we have pointed out some of the more common and harmful mistakes motorists should try not to make following traffic accidents.

After a Traffic Accident, Avoid…

Mistake 1: Taking the blame for the collision

Sidestepping these mistakes after auto accidents can be key to victims’ financial recovery, a Mount Vernon car accident attorney explains.
Sidestepping these mistakes after auto accidents can be key to victims’ financial recovery, a Mount Vernon car accident attorney explains.

This means that you shouldn’t apologize for the wreck or admit to having played a role in causing the collision in any way – not to other involved motorists, not to cops at the scene and definitely not to insurance providers later.

In fact, as you communicate with each of these parties, do your best to only discuss the facts of the collision, such as where and when it occurred and what you saw or experienced immediately before impact. While you can always divulge more information later, it can be difficult to reverse the consequences of admitting blame upfront.

Mistake 2: Not preserving important accident-related evidence

Important accident-related evidence can include pictures of the damage, witnesses’ names/phone numbers, etc.

If you were not too severely hurt in the collision and you were able to gather any of these things (or other potential evidence), make sure to retain it, keeping everything in a safe place just in case you need to rely on it later to prove negligence and your potential entitlements to compensation.

Mistake 3: Trusting insurance providers to appropriately honor claims

This mistake is all too common following traffic collisions because many policyholders simply do not realize that insurance providers, who were eager and helpful when selling policies, can become challenging to deal with once claims are filed against those policies.

In fact, it is not uncommon for insurers dealing with accident victims and claims to try to pin at least some of the blame on victims in an effort to try to reduce (or deny them) payouts.

So, the bottom line here is that it’s crucial not to make the mistake of relying on insurers to be looking out for accident victims.

Mistake 4: Not meeting with an attorney

This could be one of the biggest mistakes people make after auto wrecks because meeting with a lawyer can be the key to:

  • Understanding their rights and options for recovery
  • Fully protecting their rights and interests moving forward
  • Identifying and successfully going after all negligent parties
  • Ensuring that insurers don’t find ways to compromise victims’ payouts.

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