Fall from Scaffolding Kills Mulberry Grove Worker, Death Ruled to Be Accident

Fall from Scaffolding Kills Mulberry Grove Worker, Death Ruled to Be Accident

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Posted September 5, 2015 by admin

A 67-year-old man from Mulberry Grove fell to his death a few weeks ago when he fell off of scaffolding while working on the siding of a home, authorities have reported. According to investigators, the man was standing on a step ladder that was placed on top of scaffolding when he lost his balance and fell about 28 feet to the concrete ground below. At nearly 4:30 pm on Tuesday August 18th, the man was pronounced dead at the scene by Bruce Bowen, the Fayette County Coroner.

Although this fatal falling accident was initially investigated for potential fowl play and criminal negligence, Bowen has since announced that the incident will be ruled as an accident by his office.

Tragically, this is the third fatal work incident to occur in the Sentinel coverage area within the past few weeks, with the other two fatalities involving a tree falling on a worker (in Jefferson County) and a worker coming in contact with live power lines (in Germantown).

Falling Accidents at Work: A Look at the Facts

Discussing the recent fatal fall that killed a Mulberry Grove worker, our Mount Vernon workers compensation lawyer explains options for IWCC death benefits.
Discussing the recent fatal fall that killed a Mulberry Grove worker, our Mount Vernon workers compensation lawyer explains options for IWCC death benefits.

Falling accidents like the one that killed the Mulberry Grove man are, tragically, all too common. In fact, as the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) points out:

  • Falls are considered to be the number one cause of death among construction workers who are killed in work accidents.
  • Each year, fatal falling accidents are responsible for killing more than 1 in every 3 construction workers who die on the job.

What may be even more shocking than this info is the fact that a lack of falling protections at construction sites/areas is the most frequent citation that OSHA officials issue for construction-related violations.

Death Benefits for Families Who Lose Loved Ones to Fatal Work Accidents

When a deadly work accident claims the life of a worker, the family of that worker can be entitled to death benefits from the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission (IWCC). The following are some quick facts about IWCC death benefits:

  • The dependents of a deceased worker, as well as other relatives and/or those who lived in the same household as the decedent, may be entitled to IWCC death benefits.
  • While the minimum and maximum amount of benefit payments is readjusted every six (6) months by the Illinois Department of Employment Security, for the period from July 15, 2015 through January 14, 2016, the minimum death benefit amount (per week) is $517.40, and the maximum amount is $1,379.73.
  • Although the amount of death benefits can vary, these benefits are generally paid for a period of 25 years or until $500,000 has been paid out (which ever results in the greater amount for beneficiaries).

Although no amount of money can make up for losing a loved one to a fatal work accident, these death benefits can provide crucial financial support to families, particularly in cases when the deceased worker was the primary breadwinner.

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