Should I Have My Home Evaluated for the Risk of Falls? Is It Really Worthwhile?

Should I Have My Home Evaluated for the Risk of Falls? Is It Really Worthwhile?

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Posted November 28, 2016 by admin

Should I Have My Home Checked for Fall Risks?
Should I Have My Home Checked for Fall Risks?

There’s strong evidence that having your home assessed and improved for fall safety by an occupational therapist or other specialist, even a trial lawyer in the tort premises liability, can be an effective part of reducing your fall risk. Often, there are hazards in your home that can easily trip you up that you may not have thought about. At home, some of the many possible situations that could trigger a fall include clutter in high-traffic areas, unsecured throw rugs, slippery areas, stairs without proper railings, and frequently needed items stored in hard to reach areas.

Pets can increase fall risk by getting into walking pathways, or by causing you have to bend down to pick up waste or put on a leash. And what about all those dog bones and toys everywhere? An occupational therapist can suggest devices to help prevent falls. In the bathroom, that might help grab bars, raised toilet seats, and a sturdy seat for the shower or tub.

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