Illinois Cellphone Laws for Drivers

Illinois Cellphone Laws for Drivers


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Illinois cellphone laws for drivers restrict the use of hand-held cellphones when driving in construction zones and for certain drivers, like school bus drivers.
Illinois cellphone laws for drivers restrict the use of hand-held cellphones when driving in construction zones and for certain drivers, like school bus drivers.

Distracted driving is one of the main factors related to driver errors that can cause serious car accidents. With the growing popularity of cellphones, GPS systems and other mobile devices, it’s no surprise that drivers are increasingly using these devices while operating vehicles and that:

  • These devices can cause drivers to miss important visual cues – like stop signs or traffic signals – when driving.
  • Cellphones are among the primary devices responsible for distracting drivers.
  • Most states in the U.S. have passed some type of cellphone ban for drivers to reduce the number of distracted driving-related accidents caused by cellphone use.

The laws regarding cellphone use vary dramatically from state to state. Although some of these cellphone bans restrict the use of hand-held cellphones entirely when driving, in some states, use of hand-held cellphones is only partially restricted for certain types of drivers; in a handful of states, there currently is no ban on cellphone use when driving.

In Illinois, cellphone laws for drivers stipulate the following:

  • Drivers are NOT allowed to use hand-held cellphones when driving in construction zones, school speed zones and within 500 feet of an emergency scene.
  • Drivers who are younger than 19 years old – regardless of whether they have their full driver’s license – are not allowed to use hand-held cellphones when driving.
  • School bus drivers are forbidden from using hand-held cellphones when operating school buses.
  • All drivers are forbidden from texting when driving.
  • All Illinois cellphone laws for drivers are considered to be primary laws. This means that traffic cops can pull over and potentially ticket drivers who they suspect have violated these laws and that they do not need another reason (such as running a red light) to pull over these drivers.

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Illinois Cellphone Laws for Drivers

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