Illinois Workers’ Compensation FAQs (Pt. 3)

Illinois Workers’ Compensation FAQs (Pt. 3)


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Wrapping up our blog series Illinois Workers’ Compensation FAQs, below are some final questions and answers related to workers’ compensation benefits for injured Illinois workers.

Q – What specific benefits do Illinois workers’ compensation laws entitle me to?

While these Illinois workers’ compensation FAQs provide some important info, contact our Illinois workers’ compensation attorneys for superior representation with your claim.
While these Illinois workers’ compensation FAQs provide some important info, contact our Illinois workers’ compensation attorneys for superior representation with your claim.

A – When people are injured on the job, Illinois workers’ compensation laws will generally entitle them to a variety of benefits, including benefits to cover their:

  • Lost wages – Generally, workers’ compensation benefits for lost wages will be 2/3 of an injured person’s average weekly wages, and these will usually last for the entire period that a person is unable to work due to his injuries (i.e., until a doctor declares that a person is able to return to work).
  • Medical expenses – This portion of benefits will cover the specific costs associated with treatments for the work injury. From surgery and physical therapy to any special equipment a person may need, these benefits are intended to help pay for the medical costs related to a person’s recovery.
  • Vocational rehabilitation – If a person’s workplace injuries have left him with some permanent impairments that will prevent him from being able to return to his prior job, then Illinois’ workers’ compensation benefits will likely cover the costs of job training or education so that an injured person can learn the skills necessary to get into another line of work.
  • Inability to earn a living in the future due to their injuries – These benefits tend to be paid out as lump-sum or long-term weekly benefits for a specific type of impairment.

Q – What about Illinois workers’ compensation benefits for permanent disabilities? 

A – When workplace injuries have resulted in irreversible impairments, people can be entitled to specific compensation for these disabilities, with lump-sum payouts possible in some cases.

In these cases, it’s important that injured people remember that they should consult with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney if they have been offered a lump-sum settlement for their irreversible impairments caused by a workplace injury. This is because a lawyer can calculate whether the settlement offer is fair and, if not, can help negotiate with insurers to work out a fair and equitable settlement.

Q – What if an insurer has denied my claim – what are my options then? 

A – It’s not uncommon that employers’ insurance companies will deny legitimate workers’ compensation claims for minor (or for sometimes unnecessary) reasons. When this happens, it’s possible for injured people to appeal insurers and fight for the benefits they deserve.

Q – Should I hire a workers’ compensation attorney?

A – Yes. The facts are that:

  • Insurers who pay Illinois workers’ compensation claims are looking out for their clients (i.e., employers) and themselves, not injured workers, when these claims are filed.
  • This means that these insurers may go to great lengths to reduce or deny payouts for valid workers’ compensation claims.
  • Injured people will likely not have the experience necessary to know when they may be getting cheated by insurers.
  • Having a workers’ compensation attorney representing the injured person can allow that individual to focus on his physical recovery while the lawyer fights for his financial recovery.

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