The Costs of Traffic: How Much the Worst Traffic Bottlenecks in U.S. Cost

The Costs of Traffic: How Much the Worst Traffic Bottlenecks in U.S. Cost


Posted January 5, 2016 by admin

The high costs of the top traffic jams in the U.S.
The high costs of the top traffic jams in the U.S.

Sitting in traffic can be maddening – and costly. It can cost you in terms of time, gas, etc. While these costs can add up for an individual over the course of one year (or more), in the big picture, these costs are massive, according to the findings of a recent study conducted by the American Highway Users Alliance.

Entitled Unclogging America’s Arteries 2015, Prescriptions for Healthier Highways, this study focused on identifying the top 50 worst traffic jams in the U.S., evaluating their costs and recommending solutions.

In terms of traffic costs, researchers conducting this study discovered that, on an annual basis, the top 50 traffic jams in the U.S. cost:

  • $2.4 billion in terms of lost productivity
  • 91 million hours in terms of lost time
  • 35 million gallons of gas.

Some of the locations of these costly bottlenecks include highways and roadways in Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin, Boston, San Francisco, Atlanta and New York City.

Addressing Congestion: Study’s Recommendations

While addressing the issue of traffic – and finding solutions to alleviate it – could avoid the above costs, it could also prevent about 9,800 traffic accidents each year in the U.S., according to this study. Over two decades, this would mean that at least 211,000 traffic crashes could be avoided.

To make this happen, researchers have recommended the development of additional roads, interchanges, highway lanes and other infrastructure to alleviate the worst traffic jams in the nation. As they explained, “Recent investments in major bottlenecks show that even complex congestion problems can be successfully tackled.”

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