Three-Vehicle Truck Accident Kills Mount Vernon Woman

Three-Vehicle Truck Accident Kills Mount Vernon Woman


Posted October 27, 2015 by admin

A horrific tractor-trailer crash that occurred on the I-64 in Clinton County a few weeks ago has left one woman dead, a few others injured, and investigators still looking for answers. According to the latest reports from the Illinois State Police (ISP), this fatal truck accident took place at around 11:30 am on Tuesday Oct. 10th when a 2015 Toyota Corolla being driven by a man from Mount Vernon veered off of the road and onto the shoulder of I-64, near the Albers exit.

A deadly truck accident that killed a woman from Mount Vernon has left investigators looking for answers, a Mount Vernon truck accident lawyer explains.
A deadly truck accident that killed a woman from Mount Vernon has left investigators looking for answers, a Mount Vernon truck accident lawyer explains.

Shortly thereafter, the man crashed into the back of a parked tractor-trailer that had broken down and been parked on the shoulder since the night before. Upon slamming into the back of the parked truck, the Corolla was subsequently rear-ended by another passenger vehicle, a 2016 Mazda.

According to investigators, the Mount Vernon man driving the Corolla, as well as the elderly couple in the Mazda, were taken to a nearby hospital for emergency medical treatment. A Mount Vernon woman riding in the Corolla was reported ejected from the vehicle upon impact and pronounced dead at the scene.

At this point, investigators are withholding additional details about this accident as they continue looking into it. One of the main questions that many want an answer to is just what caused the driver of the Corolla to veer onto the shoulder of the highway in the first place.

How Negligence May Have Contributed to this Fatal Truck Accident

As the victims of this accident and their families wait for answers from investigators, finding out whether or not any form of negligence played a role in causing this truck crash will be critical, as this could shed some light on victims’ options for financial recovery.

Based on the few details known at this time, it’s quite possible that various forms of negligence may have been a factor in this collision, with only some possibilities including that:

  • The drivers of the Corolla and/or Mazda were distracted, causing them to veer onto the highway shoulder.
  • The trucker who left the truck on the side of the road failed to pull the truck over sufficiently or should have taken other safety precautions.
  • The party or parties responsible for the road failed to provide sufficient room on the shoulder and/or failed to properly maintain the road.
  • Some faulty piece of vehicle equipment caused the driver of the Corolla to veer onto the shoulder of the road.

As more news about this accident and investigation become available, we will report the latest updates to you here in our blog. Until then, tell us what you think on Facebook & Google+.

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