Your Medical Connection

Your Medical Connection

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Posted October 17, 2015 by admin

As you start out on your quest for the selection of the best medical provider to treat your injuries, how do you really know who is best?  Can you really determine that a doctor is the very best practitioner simply because he or she is friendly and personable?  How do you know that the doctor you retain is solely on “your” side and  will stick it out with you “in the trenches” when an insurance company responsible for payment of the bills says otherwise?  And what experience does your chosen doctor have with attorneys or even litigation?  Do you really know your chosen doctors’ results and true successes with patients and their recoveries?

Our firm keeps track of all the best treating medical experts throughout the Midwest.  Even your own local family doctors really seldom know the best medical experts by their proven results in their respective areas of expertise.  They may in fact only know such other experts by virtue of receiving holiday fruit cakes.  That’s clearly not the best judge of the right medical provider for you.  But your family doctor may have names to provide you and these along with others we develop for you should all be considered when making your ultimate decision of which doctor to retain.

Simply stated, it is not easy to determine and know your best choice of physician.  There are some studies about doctors and hospitals, but difficulties abound to fairly and fully rate their qualifications and outcomes.  With HIPPA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) there are now layers of protections for a patient’s privacy and therefore a lack of information available to compare doctors.  Transparency by doctors and hospitals is a continuing issue in health care, as is a growing lack of independence by doctors.

Our firm often serves as a further adviser and resource for you and your family when it comes to selecting your best skilled and supporting physicians.  We often have regular in person sessions with our clients for the sole purpose of reviewing our clients’ medical needs, helping our clients secure their required treatments, and monitoring their recovery to keep it “on track”.  After all, you medical recovery and payment for your medical bills are of our utmost concern.

Our firm truly recognizes and appreciates the importance to you of a solid connection with your medical providers.  We are always here to assist you in making this part of all our injury cases so that your medical case proceeds as smoothly as possible, and your case is resolved for the very best result.

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