Car Crash Lawyer Olney, IL

Car Accident Lawyer Olney, IL. You or someone you love has been in a car crash. After calling emergency personnel, the next call you have to make is to a car crash lawyer in Olney. Auto wreck victims have rights that are protected under law, and the attorneys at the Hassakis & Hassakis firm in Olney will safeguard the rights of you, or your loved ones. Our lawyers have decades of experience in car crash claims and know how to ensure that you or loved ones get the representation and compensation that you are owed. For client centered and professional care, contact our car accident lawyers now.

Your Southern Illinois Law Firm

When you work us, you get a law firm that emphasizes:

  • Experience: Our law firm has been around since 1950, and partner Mark D. Hassakis has been involved in litigation around the country.
  • Resourcefulness: We have the connections and resources, including medical professionals and automotive experts, to help build a strong case for you in court.
  • A Client-Centered Approach: We focus on the lawyer-client relationship as much as the legal and medical issues.

For over sixty years, the car crash lawyers at Hassakis & Hassakis have safeguarded the rights of Olney auto wreck victims. We have battled corporations large and small, individuals, and insurance companies that refuse to pay. They always lose, and it’s because our lawyers understand the financial, physical and emotional pain that an auto wreck can inflict upon a household. No body should have to endure the catastrophe of a car crash alone, and our attorneys are zealous in ensuring that our Olney clients receive high-level representation and legal information after a car crash accident.