Permanent Disability Lawyers

With permanent disability claims, a professional assessment will need to evaluate whether the injured worker has suffered a permanent partial or permanent total disability.
With permanent disability claims, a professional assessment will need to evaluate whether the injured worker has suffered a permanent partial or permanent total disability.

When a workplace injury results in a permanent disability, injured workers should seek experienced legal representation to ensure that:

  • Their permanent disability is properly rated by doctors.
  • Their rights are fully protected at every stage of the Illinois workers compensation claim process.
  • They have the best chances of receiving the maximum possible benefits for their workplace injuries, lost wages and other losses.

In establishing permanent disability claims, a professional assessment will need to be made as to which of the following conditions is plaguing the injured worker:

  • Partial or complete loss of a limb, extremity or body part
  • Partial or complete inability to use a specific body part
  • Partial or complete inability to use the body as a whole

In the event that a worker is affected with some type of permanent partial disability, whether or not that individual has the ability to return to his previous job or has the ability to work in general will need to be evaluated. If it is determined that the injured worker can still work but cannot return to his previous job, workers compensation benefits can provide coverage for vocation training that can help teach the injured worker new skills necessary to secure a new job.

Permanent Total Disability

Permanent total disability is a designation given to injured workers who, due to their job-related injury, are no longer able to return to their former job or to work in any capacity (even if provided with vocational training) in the future. As with permanent partial disability claims, injured workers who have been deemed to have a permanent total disability due to a job-related injury are eligible to receive two-thirds (or 67 percent) of their weekly salary or wages as compensation for their lost wages and inability to work.

Should a permanent total disability claim not be settled between the injured worker and an insurance company, the injured employee will likely continue receiving weekly benefits through the indefinite future. However, if the permanent total disability is settled, the settlement award will be paid out in a lump sum to the injured worker, and the compensation amount is typically worth between five and ten years of benefits.

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