4 Steps to Selecting the Right Personal Injury Attorney for Your Case

4 Steps to Selecting the Right Personal Injury Attorney for Your Case

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 When you need the best attorney for a personal injury case, here’s what needs to be done. Or contact a Mount Vernon personal injury lawyer at Hassakis & Hassakis.

When you need the best attorney for a personal injury case, here’s what needs to be done. Or contact a Mount Vernon personal injury lawyer at Hassakis & Hassakis.

After a personal injury, one of the best ways for injured people to start putting their lives back together and get on the road to recovery is to pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent people or parties.

These cases can be the keys to financial recoveries, which, in turn, can be essential to providing injured people with the compensation they need to cover their medical bills and focus on healing.

The first step in pursuing a personal injury case, however, will usually be to retain a lawyer. Because there are a lot of choices out there – and because your choice can significantly affect the outcome of your case, selecting the right lawyer will likely be one of your primary concerns as you work on getting your case started.

So, below are the steps to take when you are ready to find the right lawyer to handle your case and bring it to a successful resolution.

To Choose the Best Personal Injury Lawyer…

  1. Develop a list of your top options – This list can include lawyers who you have been referred to by loved ones, as well as those you know, have worked with before and/or have found online. The key here is to only include lawyers on your list who have extensive experience resolving cases just like yours.

    The realm of personal injury issues/cases can be quite broad, and different types of cases can require different types of work and skill sets. Make sure your starting point is with attorneys who will be qualified to take on your case.

  2. Check each lawyer’s record with the state bar – One of the best ways to start narrowing down your list of options is to crosscheck each lawyer’s credentials and record with the state bar association. This can help you identify any options to immediately cross off of your list, as it can inform you whether any lawyer has overstated his experience/credentials or may have even received formal complaints from former clients or colleagues.
  3. Research reviews for each lawyer – As you continue to narrow down your options, another good place to find out more about the quality of service each lawyer provides is to read reviews posted about each attorney online. This can shed some light on the personal experience you may be able to expect moving forward with different options on your list.
  4. Meet with a few lawyers for an initial consult – At this point, it can be a good idea to meet with your top three or so choices for personal injury attorneys. During a free initial consult, you can ask questions about your case and possibly even ask for additional references a lawyer has (if you want to do some more research into your top options). This meeting can also be a good time for you to get a feel for the personality and professionalism of each lawyer – both of which can impact the degree to which you feel like you may be able to trust that professional with your case moving forward.

After taking these steps, you should have enough information to know whom you feel the most comfortable with and, consequently, who you feel like you can entrust with your case moving forward.

Contact a Mount Vernon Personal Injury Lawyer at the Law Firm of Hassakis & Hassakis, P.C.

If you don’t have time to follow the above steps, contact an experienced and trusted Mount Vernon personal injury lawyer at the Law Firm of Hassakis & Hassakis, P.C. for experienced representation and the highest quality legal services for your personal injury case.

Contact us by calling (888) 896-9381 or by emailing us using the form at the upper right-hand side of the page. We can provide you with a free, thorough assessment of your case, along with professional advice regarding the best manner in which to move forward.

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