Fatal Motor Vehicle Crash Caused by Semi-Truck Colliding with Motorcyclist

Fatal Motor Vehicle Crash Caused by Semi-Truck Colliding with Motorcyclist

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Posted July 7, 2016 by admin

Fatal Motorcycle & Semi Truck Accident under Investigation
Fatal Motorcycle & Semi Truck Accident under Investigation

“Morning Sentinel – a Mt. Vernon man died Sunday in a fatal automobile accident involving a motorcycle and a semi truck.

Jefferson County Coroner Eddie Joe Marks confirmed that Donald C. Hopkins, 45, of Mt. Vernon, was pronounced dead on scene.

Mt. Vernon Police Chief Chris Deichman said the Mt. Vernon Police Department has a preliminary report of the accident. He added the crash reconstruction report could take a week to get finalized. “We do a reconstruction anytime there is a fatality,” stated Deichman. He said that the reconstruction report is a complicated report that involves very precise measurements.

Deichman stated, “From the preliminary investigation, it appears that the semi was northbound, stopped at the northbound exit ramp on 94 at the top of the ramp at the stop sign, and then chose to, rather than go right or left on Veterans, chose to on through the intersection and go north.”

He added, “I don’t know if he was going to go up to the 95 exit and get off. He chose to go through the exit, and he stopped at the stop sign, and when he pulled out to go across and get back on the entrance ramp to the interstate, he pulled out into the path of the motorcycle, which was westbound.”

Deichman said that drivers need to be more careful about looking out for motorcycles on the road. “It’s summertime. There is a lot of motorcycles out, so people need to look before they proceed through an intersection and then look again just to make sure,” stated Deichman.

He said there was also a motorcycle accident that occurred Friday night as well. Deichman said that the accident was not nearly as severe, but it is another example of motorist not seeing a motorcycle on the road. “We need to be super vigilant about that this time of the year because there a lot of them out on the road,” stated Deichman. He added, “The motoring public needs to pay attention and double check every time before they cross into an area or an intersection because there are way too many of these accidents involving motorcycles.”

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