Truck Injury Attorney Mt. Vernon

Truck Accidents are violent and destructive events that can seriously impair and even lead to the deaths of those involved. When you, or someone you love has been seriously injured as a result of a truck drivers negligence, you need an experienced truck injury attorney to protect the rights of you or your loved ones. Hassakis Law is honored to provide Mt. Vernon residents with qualified and knowledgeable truck accident legal advice and guidance. We realize how devastating truck crashes can be to the mental, physical and financial health of our clients, and how the damages endured because of a 18-wheeler accident can last for years, and even decades. The financial responsibilities associated with recovering from truck accidents can also be as terrible as the injuries themselves. Due to these incredible burdens that are caused by a truck accident, choosing the right lawyer to represent your interest is critically important.

Your Southern Illinois Truck Accident Law Firm

When you select us, you get a law firm that emphasizes:

  • Experience: Our law firm has been around since 1950, and partner Mark D. Hassakis has been involved in litigation around the country.
  • Resourcefulness: We have the connections and resources, including medical professionals and automotive experts to help build a strong case for you in court.
  • A Client-Centered Approach: We focus on the lawyer-client relationship as much as the legal and medical issues.

Truck Crash Lawyer Mt. Vernon, IL

When you trust in our Truck Accident Lawyers to represent your interest, you can trust that Hassakis Law is prepared to fight on your behalf. We know whats required to ensure that our clients receive the entirety of the restitution and recovery that they are owed and we are prepared to hold the insurance interests and negligent parties responsible for their actions. If you or someone you love has been harmed in a truck accident, call or contact the Truck Crash Lawyers of Hassakis Law immediately.

Why are Semi-Truck Crashes so Devastating?

The reason that semi-truck accidents cause such horrible injuries is that the force involved in a semi-truck accident is magnitudes greater than the forces involved in a car wreck.An automobile may weigh up to two tons, while semi-trucks can on average weigh 20 tons or more, with the possibility to reach 40 tons when fully packed. This huge amount of weight, when moving at 60-70mph, can easily smash and destroy smaller automobiles. This is why truck drivers have to go through specialized training before they can legally drive 18-wheelers. Training, however, cannot always make up for the negligence that some drivers will willingly commit, and you should not have to suffer because of the actions of a negligent driver. If you or someone you care for has been injured by the negligence of a truck driver, you need an experienced truck injury attorney to represent your interests.