Permanent Total Disability Injuries

Permanent Total Disability Injuries

58 year old man injured his back, neck, tailbone, knees, groin, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers from work. His neck injuries required a microdiscectomy at C5-C6 and C6-C7; C5-C6 and C6-C7 anterior cervical fusions with Synthes allograft and Synthes plating; intergo DBM; microdissection technique; intraoperative fluoroscopy; intraoperative EMG, SSEP and laryngeal nerve monitoring. He developed severe shoulder pain, and had to undergo physical therapy and work hardening for the shoulder. His back and groin pain in his left-sided SI joint was treated with physical therapy and injections. He had a full thickness tear of the left supraspinatus muscle and tendon as detected via MRI. An ultrasound was done which showed a partial thickness tear and a partial long thoracic nerve injury. His tendon and long thoracic nerve injury with scapular winging were treated with physical therapy and injections. He suffered bone and cartilage defect along the medial talar dome, instability and degenerative arthritis of the left ankle which were treated with physical therapy and multiple injections, all of which failing to significantly reduce his pains. He had chronic pain syndrome, joint pains, right ulnar neuritis, right-sided back pain, SI joint dysfunction, left inguinal pain, hip bursitis, groin and testicular pain, and all of which were treated with physical therapy, medications and multiple SI joint injections by his physician. Our client also injured his upper back between both shoulder blades, left hand, right finger, small finger, and had right hand numbness from bilateral repetitive injuries. These injuries were treated with right open carpal tunnel release and cubital tunnel decompression with an anterior ulnar nerve transposition. The upper thoracic pain was treated by long term chiropractic manipulations and myofascial releases. He also suffered mental and emotional difficulties, and he was referred for a psychiatric evaluation by the employer, and later cleared by the employer’s doctor to work. He suffered permanent restrictions with his range of motion. The cases settled for $300,000.00, for permanent disability to the right hand, disability to the left hand, disability to the right arm, disability to the left arm and loss of body as a whole. Efforts were required after the respondent terminated future medical care and yet our office secured additional medical treatment to the tune of $10,000.00 over nearly one year. Further legal evidence directed our client to seek long term disability benefits which we were able to successfully secure for him. -NH

57 year old male correctional officer suffered an ACL sprain while attempting to secure a gate on uneven ground for his employer. His doctor diagnosed post-traumatic arthrosis of the left knee. The doctor treated conservatively with medications, viscoelastic therapy and Supartz injections. Total knee arthroplasty was recommended in the future and medical benefits were left open for this surgery or related needs. Unfortunately, our client could not return to his former type of employment. Our firm secured a settlement that consisted in him receiving $603.18 per week for life. – DA.

66 year-old man was injured during work when he stepped down off of a lift while unloading a truck, twisting his left knee. He was initially diagnosed with a Grade 2, medial meniscus tear associated with the medial femoral condyle and chondromalacia of the patella and lateral meniscus fraying. He underwent an arthroscopic knee surgery including a medial meniscus tear resection and debridement of the medial femoral condyle, the mild fraying of the lateral meniscus and the patella chondromalacia. While our client underwent post surgical physical therapy, his therapist injured his right leg. An MRI of the right leg revealed a posterior horn medial meniscus tear. He underwent another arthroscopic surgery on his right knee and the post-operative diagnosis was a Grade 4 tear near the medial femoral condyle and femoral trochlea and a lateral meniscus tear. Both of these knee injuries caused our client to quickly develop post-traumatic, severe osteoarthritis and as a result, he unerwent replacement surgeries on both his left and right knees. Our firm was able to secure a settlement for $175,000.00 after the defendant initially disputed the degree and severity of our client’s injuries, denied medical and temporary total disability benefits due to our client, and even questioned whether these injuries were work related. The employer fought this case, relying largely on our client’s numerous years of labor and arguing that he was simply worn out. The settlement sum also represented permanent total disability payments for the rest of his life (life expectancy of 13.3 years). Additional monies for anticipated, future medical expenses were negotiated for an additional $57,811.00. – CEP.



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