Misdiagnoses and Medical Malpractice Claims (Part 2)

Misdiagnoses and Medical Malpractice Claims (Part 2)


Posted March 14, 2014 by admin

When failure to diagnose, misdiagnoses or other diagnostic errors occur, injured people will likely be entitled to compensation for such malpractice.
When failure to diagnose, misdiagnoses or other diagnostic errors occur, injured people will likely be entitled to compensation for such malpractice.

Concluding the two-part blog Misdiagnoses and Medical Malpractice Claims, here, we will highlight some shocking statistics related to the occurrence of diagnostic errors in U.S. medical facilities. These misdiagnoses and diagnostic error statistics have been put together by various reputable sources, including (but not limited to) the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Center for Policy Analysis and the National Cancer Institute. 

  • Between 10 and 20 percent of all medical cases are misdiagnosed by American doctors every year.
  • Misdiagnoses and failure to diagnose are more common medical mistakes than both medication errors (like prescribing the wrong types or amounts of medications) and surgical errors (like leaving surgical tools in patients or performing surgery on the wrong area of the body). However, since medication and surgery errors are more frequently publicized than diagnostic errors, the perception is generally that they occur more often.
  • As many as 28 percent of all diagnostic errors result in permanent and/or fatal complications for patients.
  • Failure to diagnose and other types of diagnostic errors are responsible for killing the same number of Americans as breast cancer – about 40,500 people annually.
  • In many cases, the doctors who are responsible for diagnostic errors never find out about their mistakes because patients simply stop seeing them and go to another medical professional.
  • More than 50 percent of doctors involved in a recent survey reported that, within the past month, they have treated at least one patient who was improperly diagnosed.
  • Patients have the greatest risk of being injured by diagnostic errors when they seek treatment from emergency rooms or urgent care clinics. This is because the doctors at these medical facilities typically have very little time to diagnose patients and often have to start administering treatments as soon as possible (as many patients are facing life-threatening conditions, injuries or illnesses).

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