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Nursing Home Negligence Boulder, IL

Roughly 2.5 million elderly adults are subjected to nursing home negligence in America each year. There are many different ways that nursing home negligence can occur, but it is typically physical, financial, emotional or general neglect. If you think that your loved one is suffering from nursing home negligence in Boulder, IL, the smartest thing that can be done is to call our experienced lawyers immediately so that our attorneys can help take control of the situation. Our lawyers specialize in all topics related to personal injury and will make sure that you and your neglected loved one are secure and protected when exposing nursing home negligence in Boulder, IL.

What is Considered Nursing Home Negligence? Boulder, IL

Nursing home negligence when an employee at a nursing home doesn’t pay attention to their patients’ level of care and doesn’t do their job at the level that they should. There are various ways that nursing home negligence can present itself including physical, financial, emotional, sexual, general neglect and more. Nursing home negligence can put your loved one at extreme risk, so if you suspect that nursing home negligence is happening in your loved ones’ nursing home, it is essential to act quickly and seek legal guidance. Nursing home caregivers are required to provide a certain level of care under state law. If this standard of care isn’t provided, negligent caretakers can face serious consequences including being sued for damages, facing steep fines and fees, losing their job, potential jail time and more depending on circumstances.

Common Types of Nursing Home Negligence Boulder, IL

It can be hard to question your family member’s level of care in their nursing home, but it is important to keep an eye on them and make sure that you know the signs of possible nursing home negligence. Nursing home negligence can present itself a variety of ways, but the most common examples of nursing home negligence in Boulder, IL, include:

  • Psychological distress- if your family member is unusually quiet or something has jarringly changed about their personality, this could be the sign of nursing home negligence
  • Medication errors – it is the responsibility of nursing home caretakers to accurately give nursing home residents their medication. If your loved one hasn’t been taking their medicine or has been given improper amounts of their medication, this can be due to nursing home negligence
  • Ignoring physicians’ requests – examples include: safety guard rails in place so a resident doesn’t fall out of bed, a patient is recommended to use a support device while walking, dietary restrictions and more. If a physician has stated explicit orders for your loved ones’ treatment and they aren’t being heeded to, this is considered nursing home negligence
  • Decubitus ulcers – also known as pressure ulcers. If a nursing home resident is advised to stay in bed, their caregiver is in charge of regularly examine them to prevent ulcers or bedsores. If a bedridden patient is not looked after regularly and bedsores form, this is a symptom that nursing home negligence could possibly be happening
  • Failing to make the nursing home safe and hazard-free – nursing homes are in charge of making sure that the facility that your loved one is a resident at is safe and that their caretakers are doing everything that they can to ensure that your family member is safe from potential hazards in the facility
  • Neglect of basic hygiene – cleaning, brushing teeth, showering and other hygienic practices
  • Neglect of core needs- such as meals, water, or providing a safe and hazard-free environment

You may think that you and your family member are fighting against something that is out of your control, but our nursing home negligence attorneys are ready to guide you and your loved one during this emotionally trying time. Our nursing home negligence lawyers will ensure that your family member is secure and protected, that you understand every step of the process, which damages you can seek and the paths that are available for your older family member’s nursing home negligence case in Boulder, IL. It already isn’t an easy decision to have your elderly loved one placed in a nursing home, much less have them experience nursing home negligence. Our nursing home negligence attorneys are available to help and make sure that holding the negligent nursing home liable for nursing home negligence is as pain-free and uncomplicated as possible. If you and your family have any questions at all during the process, our attorneys are ready 24/7 to help answer them.

Nursing Home Negligence Laws Boulder, IL

The medical definition of standard of care is defined as the level of care that a, relatively prudent person would provide. If your loved one is residing in a nursing home, their fundamental needs like regular food and water, maintained personal hygiene, social needs and other fundamental needs should be met at minimum. If this standard of care isn’t met, this might be a sign of nursing home negligence in Boulder, IL. Our nursing home negligence attorneys are ready to assist those in Boulder with their negligence claims and ensure that our clients will receive the maximum amount of compensation their case is eligible to recover for their pain and suffering. Some of the more common types of damages that can be recovered with a powerful nursing home negligence claim in Boulder, IL, include:

  • Medical fees – if your loved one is neglected and gets sick because of nursing home negligence, any medicine costs, medical costs, ambulance fees, physical or psychiatric therapy, and costs for required medical accessories can be claimed
  • Pain and suffering – if a patient is acting strange, is uncharacteristically sad, jumpy, or is distressed physically or mentally, pain and suffering damages may be recovered
  • Disfigurement – if a nursing home patient suffers scars, hair loss, burns, amputation or other injuries that affect their appearance, damages can be recovered for these injuries if the injuries were caused by nursing home staff members
  • Future expenses – if an elderly nursing home resident is deemed by a doctor to be permanently disabled or disfigured to some degree, future medical bills can be recovered with a valid nursing home negligence claim. Physical therapy fees, costs pertaining to a resident’s medication, and doctor appointments have a tendency to buildup over time, so our lawyers will help you recover monetary damages for future expenses
  • Unable to enjoy favorite past times – if a nursing home resident is not able to enjoy activities that they used to enjoy such as watching after their grandchildren, communicating with other people, going for a stroll and other past times because of damage caused by nursing home negligence, most states will award damages for this type of claim

Protecting Your Loved Ones from Nursing Home Negligence Boulder, IL

It is vital to be aware of how to find the signs of nursing home negligence in your elderly loved one. If your loved one is inexplicably acting different or is in pain, caregivers at their nursing home might be neglecting them. Nursing home negligence can occur in various ways, but is typically emotionally, physically and financially present. Signs of emotional abuse or social negligence include jumpiness, increased levels of anxiety or fright, and communicating less or not at all. If you spot bruises, cuts, scrapes or other physical injuries on an elderly family member’s body, this could be a sign of physical abuse. It is critical to form an open line of communication with your loved one who lives in a nursing home. Speaking openly about topics such as finances, what to do if someone they don’t know enters their room or what they should do if they don’t have access to regular food, water, medication, personal hygiene help and more can help prevent nursing home negligence in Boulder, IL.

Nursing Home Negligence Lawyers in Boulder, IL

Our nursing home negligence lawyers in Boulder, IL, are experienced in all aspects of personal injury. If your loved one has been hurt or neglected by their caretaker or nursing home staff, our attorneys are available to help you fight against the nursing home and guarantee that your family member is safe and protected. Nursing home negligence is particularly cruel, as the primary goal of nursing home caretakers should be to preserve the dignity, self-esteem and willpower of patients, not act cruelly and neglect them. Our nursing home negligence attorneys are ready to put a stop to this, so if you are worried that your family member is a victim of nursing home negligence, don’t delay in contacting our lawyers. While not all cases are eligible to receive damages, most cases are. Consultations are free and our attorneys are open to meet in a place that works best for you. Our lawyers will put their all into fighting for your loved one’s case and make sure that they’ll receive the highest amount of compensation for their pain and suffering. For more information on how our nursing home negligence lawyers can help you and your elderly family member stop your family member’s suffering from nursing home negligence in Boulder, IL, contact the personal injury attorneys of Hassakis & Hassakis, P.C., today.

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